Do ultrasonic teeth cleaners work

Yes, ultrasonic teeth cleaner remarkably work when it comes to different methods of teeth cleaning. It is a procedure done by a certified dentist at a well-equipped clinic.

What are ultrasonic teeth cleaner?

Ultrasonic teeth cleaning is one of the newest technologies in the field of dentistry nowadays. The handpiece is connected to the dental unit with the waterline. It aids in efficiently removing the plaque and tartar buildup by ultrasonic vibration with water spray. The water spray helps cool the scaler tip and flush out the dislodged tartar. It can remove plaque debris from all the nooks and crevices between teeth and gums, resulting in effective teeth cleaning, also known as scaling.

Are ultrasonic teeth cleaner safe?

Ultrasonic teeth cleaners are much more gentle than manual teeth cleaning instruments. The scaler’s tip vibrates at a low frequency of 20,000 to 45,000 cycles per second, enabling it to break down the calculus without hurting the teeth or gums. It is also not as sharp as manual teeth cleaner and requires no manual pressure application, making it easy for dentists to use.

Manual scaling vs. ultrasonic teeth cleaning.

Plaque and calculus can be removed effectively with manual and ultrasonic teeth cleaner, but each technique has pros and cons. With manual scaling, the dentist or hygienist can feel the surface of the teeth to find any rough spots or areas that require additional care. Manual scaling is typically more accurate. However, if the patient has sensitive teeth or gums, it might be time-consuming and uncomfortable for them. Because ultrasonic vibrations may remove more plaque and tartar in less time than manual teeth cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning is quicker and more effective. Also, it usually causes less discomfort for the patient because the vibrations may numb the area that is being treated. It may not be acceptable for people with specific dental diseases, such as pacemakers or other electronic medical devices.

Health Benefits of ultrasonic teeth cleaning.

As ultrasonic teeth cleaning serves multiple oral health benefits. Often, brushing isn’t enough to maintain proper oral hygiene, and there can be sites where plaque buildup hardens to form calculus. This can lead to various oral health conditions like gum recession, periodontal pockets, infection due to food impaction, and even bad breath. Hence getting your teeth cleaned by ultrasonic teeth cleaner can be very beneficial. It is an effective way to prevent conditions that need more invasive and costly treatments.

Post-procedure effects of ultrasonic teeth cleaning

After the procedure, you might feel some discomfort, but that is entirely normal, and the effects usually resolve on their own in a few hours. Bleeding and swelling can occur after using the ultrasonic teeth cleaner around the gums to remove tartar. You may feel a slight sensitivity after the procedure, but that is temporary and usually occurs because the hard layer of the tarter is removed. However, if these effects persist for longer, you should immediately contact your dentist.

When to get your teeth cleaned?

The frequency of dental cleanings using an ultrasonic scaler should be determined by your dentist or dental hygienist, depending on your specific needs, according to the American Dental Association (ADA). The ADA advises that patients receive a complete dental evaluation at least once a year to examine their oral health and establish how frequently they should get dental cleanings. For individuals with good oral health, regular dental cleanings with an ultrasonic scaler are commonly advised every six months. More frequent cleanings, however, could be required for people with a history of gum disease or other oral health difficulties.

We provide a hassle-free ultrasonic teeth cleaning procedure at our clinic life smiles dental clinic, and we make sure to make it a comfortable experience for our patients. We focus more on maintaining good oral hygiene and recommend our patients this procedure if they should after a thorough oral examination.


Ultrasonic teeth cleaners are undoubtedly one of the most effective ways to maintain oral hygiene and health. They are used and preferred by dentists around the globe for many oral health conditions. If you have tartar buildup, bad breath, or any dental problem due to inadequate oral hygiene, then this may be the treatment of choice for you.

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